The Jonas Brothers are working hard to come back in a big way. They've been toiling away on their comeback album for the better part of a year by now, and Joe Jonas -- who probably doesn't have an S&M-fueled sex tape after all -- revealed that the band has some surprising new influences, new directions and new methodologies on this record.

Joe revealed to Parade that the Jonases are focused on instrumentation and musicality on this album more than ever before, but they're trying not to sacrifice infusing their tracks with emotion for the sake of a cleaner, busier sound.

"I like when people are able to come up with their own personal feelings on it. But what I can say is we used some brass in the music," Jonas revealed. "We've been able to incorporate a lot more instruments, and even Nick, used some of the electronic drums and what his computer can do. It's pretty phenomenal."

A certain diminutive singer-songwriter influenced the JoBros in particular.

"There are artists like Bruno Mars and a couple others that are really using a lot of instruments in their live music that they incorporate with the album. That’s what we've been trying to do."

Jonas also admitted that while each of the Brothers went on to do their own things -- Kevin on his reality show 'Married to Jonas,' Nick with a side project and Broadway, himself with solo record 'Fastlife' -- he believes their whole is greater than the sum of their parts.

"I prefer being back with my brothers," he said. "I've learned over time that you really rely on them. When I did the solo project, it was a learning experience because I realized how much pressure you put on yourself, whether it is a live performance or even a recording or interviews. You get tired," he explained. "When you have your brothers there, you’re not answering every question by yourself or you’re not performing every song by yourself, and that’s a great thing to able to experience, and also a learning tool."

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