In the first episode of his 'The Road to Fastlife' web series, singer Joe Jonas displays his insecurities. We know, since he is young, unfairly handsome, talented, rich and famous, boasts a dating resume that consists of only the most beautiful singers, models and actresses, and has a teenage girl fanbase who scream their lungs raw at the sight of him, it's hard to feel sorry for Joe Jonas!

But in this revealing clip, he manages to be incredibly relatable. Can we just say we love the shot of him in the studio, cradling his bulldog Winston on his lap?

The video shows split second footage of Jonas sleeping in a car, hugging fans and promoting his solo album, 'Fastlife,' out Oct. 11. He reveals that he told the other two thirds of the Jonas Brothers, their managers and their father in Italy that he was bitten by the solo effort bug. JJ admits he said, "Listen guys, I want to do a solo project and keep writing and doing something but I didn't know if it would be for me, or for someone else, but it's pretty much a solo thing."

He approached the newly "solo thing" with "nervous energy," since he had always written with the Jo Bros and had to adjust to opening up and accept new people into his circle. He said, "I had to write songs diving more into my personal life and diving into relationships and I knew I had to go forth and go all out and not be holding back …With new writers and new producers, that I never really met before, my confidence level was not 100 percent when I first walked into the room. I wasn't feeling like I was in my element, since I was used to traveling and recording with my brothers."

Once Jonas shook off the element of fear, he eased into working with producer Danger and really enjoyed the creative process, as these clips demonstrate. He knew that Danger could help this project and see the singer's vision through to completion.

Watch 'The Road to Fastlife' Episode 1 Video