Any artist can release a lyric video to YouTube. Some get creative by instituting interesting graphics behind the song and the words. Joe Jonas went several steps further with the lyric video for his sexy, R&B solo single, 'See No More,' by employing artist Curtis Kulig to create a graffiti-inspired video using Kulig's own pretty penmanship to scrawl the lyrics in black ink on a white wall.

We love how the words race by on the screen in tune to the beat of the song, during which Jonas laments a leaving lover that he wants to extinguish from his life and his brain. We also dig how Kulig scribbles the lyrics with a fat cap in such neat script. It's big and bold and readable.

It's ironic that Jonas sings "I don't wanna see no more," but we see his words literally come to life on the screen. It's probably the best, most creative and inspired lyric video we've ever seen and trust us, we've seen 'em all. The dripping ink, the contrast of black and white and then how the song's title is painted in red over the lyrical handiwork at the end makes this a compelling clip that we can watch over and over again without getting bored.

Even Jonas himself appears in the lyric video and has his photo taken in front of it!

We want to see (and hear) more from Joe Jonas as a solo artist.

Watch the Lyric Video For 'See No More'