With a string of exes in the rear view including gorgeous pop singers Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato, as well as stunning actresses like Camilla Belle and Ashley Green, serial monogamist Joe Jonas is now dating model Karlie Kloss.

The 'See No More' singer, 23, really squires only the hottest of the hot on his arm. He also doesn't waste much time nursing a broken heart, either. He moves on quick.

According to E!, the impossibly and unfairly attractive new couple were spotted at the Santa Barabara Polo & Raquet club this past weekend, where England's Prince William played a polo match. The couple only have eyes for each other, judging from the too-cute photo booth shots they took at the event. Adorable, right? We love the goofy shot of the two making weird faces. It's refreshing to see a model and a celeb letting loose and not posing for the camera for once. That over-the-shoulder glance is so old, isn't it?

What do we need to know about Karlie Kloss, other than the fact that she's gorgeous, as Jonas' GFs tend to be?

Well, E! certainly dug up the "dirt" on the the squeaky clean 18-year old from St. Louis. Kloss is in high demand for runway shows during fashion week and was repped by Elite and NEXT; the two agencies even sparked a battle over her services. She has been featured in print ads for Sportmax and Lacoste, as well as high end houses like Dior and Oscar de la Renta. She also posed for fancy fragrance ads, such as Marc Jacobs' Lola and See by Chloé. What a resume this girl has and now, a hot boyfriend to boot.

Kloss also trained in classical ballet, having studied at Caston's Ballet Acadamie, a prestigious dance school in St. Louis.

From the sound of it, Kloss leads a charmed life, all the more reason for Jonas' teenage fanbase to hate her with a vehement passion. If not for her fairytale life as a ballerina and a model, they'd hate her by virtue of the fact that she gets to smooch Joe Jonas. It's dangerous terrain, that dating-a-pop-star-with-a-young-skewing-fanbase stuff.

Jonas will release his solo debut, 'Fast Life,' in September.

Watch the Joe Jonas 'See No More' Video