Joe Jonas may soon make his triumphant return to music, and he'll do it with the help of a brand-new band not comprised of blood relatives.

After a brief attempt at a solo career (which brought us the gem of a song that is "Just In Love"), Joe’s been living his life as a front-row staple at high-end fashion shows and a DJ for the past few years. But now he’s back and (hopefully) better than ever with the help of a new band called DNCE.

Joe posted a video to Instagram yesterday (September 10) that shows the word “D-N-C-E” flash across an outer space backdrop, while being simultaneously sung by some disembodied voices. The video then cuts to a group of four people exiting the ocean when a male voice sings, “Okay.”

So far, the @dnce Instagram remains private, but its bio screams “YOUR NEW FAVORITE BAND,” in all caps, and links off to an official website. Details surrounding the band remain scarce, but based on the four people the @dnce Instagram account follows, it seems to be comprised of Jack Lawless (the Jonas Brothers’ former drummer), Jin Joo and Cole Whittle — all friends of Joe’s.

Are you excited for Joe's return to singing? Do you think this new band could prove to be worthy competition for his brother Nick? And does anyone know what Kevin's up to these days?

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