Joe Jonas is one of many A-listers featured in a profanity-laced PSA created by anti-poverty group ONE, which aims to educate people about the hunger crisis and aid in stamping out famine.

The celebs included in the PSA are of the A-list actor and singer variety -- such as George Clooney, Jessica Alba, Colin Farrell, Bono, Annie Lennox, Clive Owen and Kristin Davis -- each seen saying, 'F--- famine,' with the the 'f---' bleeped out. So it's sort of PG-rated.

Overall, it's certainly a striking commercial and one that grabs your attention as it works to educate viewers about the food crisis in East Africa and beyond.  The use of the word "f---" is certainly effective.

After all the "eff" bombs are dropped and then bleeped, Bono then utters a complete and uncensored sentence, saying, "Famine is the real obscenity." Point taken.

The stars appear on screen again to dole out facts about the famine that is affecting the Horn of Africa. With 13 million people suffering from severe hunger and nearly a million people facing starvation, it's heartwarming to see celebs come together to support the cause and spread the word to raise awareness.

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It's awesome of Joe Jonas to take time out of his schedule promoting the forthcoming 'Fastlife' in order to appear in this PSA and to use his fame for good.

Watch the 'F--- Famine' PSA