In the latest issue of Cosmopolitan magazine, Joe Jonas was asked to divulge some information that girls are always wanting to know: When a guy comes over to their home, what sort of things are red flags and what do they dig about your lifestyle? The sexy 22-year-old singer, who just released his new solo album, 'Fast Life,' let's the cat out of the bag, and we've got our PopCrush readers covered with what he had to say!

Your DVD Collection: "If a girl has the Will Ferrell collection of DVDs or any other really funny comedies like that, she gets an A+. It shows she has a sense of humor and let's us know we don't just have to take her to romantic films on dates."

The Amount of Pink: "Too-girlie decor can be a turn-off. But little touches -- like flowers -- are cute because it's a nice change from a bachelor pad."

How Messy You Are: "I am impressed when a girl keeps her place clean. It says that she takes good care of herself. If you see that it's messy and stuff has been just sitting around for a while, red flags start popping up."

Photos in Frames: "Pictures are a great way of scoping out a girl. You can tell so much. If they're all of her partying, you know that's the kind of girl she is. But if there's a mix of family photos and friends, it's a nice sign."

The Music You Own: "I've met girls who have music from other countries or artists I have never heard of, and that's very cool. It's a sign that she has new things to bring to the table, and she's independent and an individual."

If Your TV is High-Tech: "Guys want to be comfortable, so it's cool when we see a nice television and gadgets in a woman's place. It makes us feel like we'll want to hang out there."

Your Fridge Contents: "I always look there. If you see lots of fresh ingredients, it's impressive. I love to cook, and it's a sign she does, too. And I love it if you've been dating a while and she starts stocking your favorite chips or beer. It's just a really sweet gesture."