We've been speculating which of his famous (and gorgeous) exes have informed Joe Jonas' debut solo album 'Fast Life.' The notorious serial dater was accused by former flame Taylor Swift of breaking up with her in a phone call that barely lasted 27 seconds, but has revealed that he, too, hurts. Case in point: His March split with girlfriend Ashley Greene of 'Twilight' fame.

Jonas, who dated Greene for nine months, has said that the split "devastated" him. He said, "I've been heartbroken. People like to think it's only girls that wind up heartbroken, but I've also had it happen to me."

His relationship resume may be littered with A-list names like Swift, Demi Lovato and Camilla Belle, but he insists that it's not always he who ends the relationships and quickly moves on.

He told Twist magazine that "I have been the one to end relationships. Sometimes, but not always." See, ladies, he is human and not a notorious love 'em and leave 'em heartbreaker.

Jonas and Greene were friends before they took that leap forward to romance. At the time, she said, "A friendship developed first, and that's the most important thing for me. If you are going to be with someone all the time, they need to be your best friend."

During the height of their romance, Jonas said that Greene would fly out to shows to see him when he was touring and even famously claimed that she put his feelings first. Looks like he was the one left picking up the pieces. What a shame! They were such a cute couple.