From one boy band to another! Joe Jonas, who finally released 'Fastlife' today, revealed while on the red carpet at the BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards that he is a huge fan of boy band One Direction. Jonas cut his teeth as a member of the Jonas Brothers, so if anyone is equipped with the understanding of the nature of a boy band, it's the double J! His opinion is certainly weightier than that of others in this particular subject area.

"They are top boys," the Jo Bro said to HeatWorld. "I love their songs, I'm glad I got to see them perform. They're huge!"

Wow. An endorsement from Joe Jonas is nothing short of thrilling, especially since he is a kindred spirit. Perhaps Jonas can duet with the One Direction dudes or take them on tour? Now there's an idea!

Jonas also commented on the volume when it comes to girls in the U.K., saying, "The girls are SO loud here." We're sure Joe is used to ladies screaming their faces off and their lungs raw at the very sight of him, so he is used to deafening decibels. The ladies in the U.K. must be really loud for Jonas to make a comment such as that!

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