Joe Jonas is celebrating his new gig as a reality singing competition mentor. It was just announced that the singer has confirmed a role on CW's 'The Next,' and it seems he's been studying shows that are of a similar nature to prepare himself.

Although 'The Next' isn't set to premiere until August 2012, Jonas is prepping for his role by observing other famous singing competition judges. Jonas must be watching a lot of 'The Voice,' as he posted a picture on Twitter of himself impersonating coach Cee Lo Green, who is pretty much the greatest personality to ever grace reality TV.

If you are an avid 'Voice' viewer, you probably already know that the often bedazzled Cee Lo Green rocks a poofy white cat named Purr-fect on his lap when he's offering up words of musical wisdom. Minus the giant red spinning chair and glittery track suits, Jonas does a pretty spot-on Cee Lo impression as he poses with a fake cat in a Twitter picture.

Along with the photo, he wrote, "I think I need a cat like Cee-lo on ‪#thenext thoughts?" No offense, Joe, but nobody can rock a live feline prop like the 'F--- You' hitmaker. Maybe Jonas can wear some of those crazy head pieces like Christina Aguilera instead? We'd definitely like to see that!


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