There was a hilarious “Situation” at the 'Wendy Williams Show' last Friday.

Joe Jonas joined Wendy (playing Snooki in a black signature “pouf” wig) in a reenactment of 'Jersey Shore' drama. Jonas portrayed Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, complete with sunglasses, accent, and prosthetic six-pack. “I love it,” he mumbled as Wendy handed him his script.

Jonas was in town to promote his solo album, Fastlife, which hit stores Oct. 11, but he might be gunning for an Oscar, too. He managed to keep a straight face while delivering lines like, “Why do we hook up all the time, and you still don’t want to be with me? Look at the six-pack. C’mon.”

He might want to use his fellow New Jerseyan’s lines for himself. Last week, Joe Jonas shot down rumors of reconciliation with Twilight actress Ashley Greene. Maybe Snooki’s available.

Watch Joe Jonas Play 'The Situation' on the 'Wendy Williams Show'