Judging from the second teaser clip released from Joe Jonas' 'Just in Love' video, this video is shaping up to be more like a short film than a music video. Maybe it's a mash up and is a cinematic video? The new clip finds Jonas driving a snazzy car in Paris, blowing past the Eiffel Tower with that super hot French model from the previous clip.

As they ride through the streets, the pair plays word association games where each replies with the first thing that comes to mind, in response to the other person's just uttered word. Romantic, right? We've all played that game.

She says "Paris." JJ says "New York." She says "cafe," which could mean "coffee," and he answers "whiskey." Ooooh. He says "hip-hop" and she says something not quite discernible. He then says "kiss" and she replies, "oui," which is French for "yes."

Now that we have crossed the language barrier, it's certainly got us stoked for the video's premiere on Monday, Sept. 12 at 7 PM on E!

Want our assessment of the video based on two, 30-second clips? JJ and the hot French girl are in a long-distance relationship. Despite their differences (as evidenced by the word association game) and despite their distance (he says something about having to go home in the other preview clip), they are trying to make it work. That's just PopCrush's prediction about the rest of the video/short film's plot.

Watch the Joe Jonas 'Just in Love' Teaser