Joe Jonas is one again proving that his quest in 2011 is to bring sexy back!

Ladies, are you ready to clutch your chest, lose your mind and absolutely swoon -- not to mention seethe with hate over some lucky co-star? Well, your resident heartthrob Joe Jonas has released a 33-second teaser which appears to be a snippet from the official video for 'Just in Love' and boy does it ooze sexiness. Your monitor might melt from the heat generated by Double J and a wife-beater and panty-wearing lady love! We also catch a glimpse of the singer shirtless, which will cause squeals to peel out of the mouths of his mostly female fanbase. Joe's hot. We know it. He knows it. The hot chick in the video knows it, and gets to make the most of it by cavorting with him.

It's a mysterious, voyeuristic and almost cinematic half-minute, with Jonas walking down a deserted street in a city at night while wearing a jacket. It then cuts to him in bed with a gorgeous woman with far fewer clothes. As if we expected any less. Joe Jonas has made a side career out of dating women most average, red-blooded American can only dream about. Why not let art imitate life and include hot women in his videos?

"Why are you sad?" the model, who seems to be French, asks. Joe's reply? "Me? Because I have to leave. I have to go home soon." Sigh. Sigh times 10, actually. Both are barely dressed and getting their smooch on. Can someone say "jealous?"

Jonas revealed that he is going to star in and produce a film, so that's probably why this clip has a bit of a movie-like quality to it. Joe also shows that he can act; he sure looks in love with his co-star when he holds her face. Swoooooon.

Watch Joe Jonas 'Just in Love' Teaser