Joe Jonas made his solo TV debut on 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon' last night.

When Fallon announced early on in the broadcast that Jonas would be performing later in the show, a chorus of deafening, female-only screams arose, as plenty of his young, lady-dominated fanbase apparently scored tickets to sit in the studio audience. Even though he's shifting into a different part of the pop world, Jonas has not shed his appeal to the 12-18 demographic and we're sure his handlers are happy about that.

We must admit that Joe Jonas holds his own when not flanked by his brothers. Sure, we are used to see Kevin to his left or Nick to his right, but there's something vulnerable and arresting about Joe Jonas on his own. He's opening up and showing a more personal side of his art.

While singing his hit single 'See No More,' Jonas was surrounded by a pair of dancers who busted a couple of moves behind him during the chorus. The subject matter of the song is more "adult" than anything he ever did as a part of the Jonas Brothers. It's about the difficulty in letting go of a broken relationship. The darkness and overall moody tone of the song was more apparent in this live, late night TV performance than we expected. And we liked it.

Sporting a neutral, gray suit, sage green shirt and sneakers, it's no wonder the ladies let out screams of teenage lust for Jonas. He looks all grown up and he presents himself as so much more than a boy band pop star gone solo.

Watch Joe Jonas Perform 'See No More' on 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon'