Joe Jonas is a pop-loving 22-year-old from New Jersey, but a new video poses a question many have been asking themselves: Is Joe Jonas secretly Latino?

A comedic clip from mun2 shows the star walking and talking to a journalist, who asks how fans perceive him. Jonas replies, "Their perception of me ... It's interesting. It seems a lot of fans think I'm Latino for some reason."

The pop star's phone rings and reveals a banda ringtone. We then hear Jonas breaking out into fluent Spanish (a voiceover, of course) and listening to loud banda music while onlookers give him sideways glances.

Later, the singer is shown on the phone, telling his friend to chill out in Spanish. He then makes a lunch order, consisting of "arroz con pollo con frijoles negra" (rice with chicken, black beans), "dos albondigas" (two meatballs) and "tres chuletas" (pork chops) -- he's obviously very hungry. The scene finally ends with Jonas eating an orange with salt.

The cute clip addresses the fact that fans often wonder whether the Jonas Brothers are of Hispanic descent. Many fan forums have posed the question, and mun2, a network geared toward young Latinos, has tackled the subject in a humorous way.

Watch mun2's 'Joe Jonas: Latino?' Video