'Love Slayer,' huh? That saucy title certainly isn't masking the song's intentions. Although not an official single, Joe Jonas' new track is a club banger with way more synths and bravado than its predecessor 'See No More.' While Jonas lamented the loss of love in 'See No More,' he's backing that thang up and showing off his bad boy side with 'Love Slayer.'

This is the most dancefloor-oriented we've ever heard any Jo Bro go, as the middle brother celebrates the thrill of the chase. It doesn't hurt that the track is centered on a beat that just won't quit. The song embodies the same sexy, "hot-dude-can-sing" qualities that have made Enrique Iglesias a club fave with a string of No. 1 songs on the charts.

Jonas declares -- twice, in the opening verse -- that "I came to do my dance/ I am about to touch the town / I came to lift my hands / I came to shut this thing down" before launching into the chorus: "Love slayer / Causing nothing by trouble babe / And I want more of it."

His ode is to a "killer" and a "stone cold dream stealer," but Jonas isn't getting all emotional. He's about getting down and dirty with this glass-in-the-air anthem.

There's plenty of studio treatment on Jonas' voice, a little Auto-Tune, plenty of loops, and the heavy hand of a producer and knob twiddler. At once, the song is edgy yet slickly polished pop with one goal: To get peeps away from the bar and onto the floor. With two songs released from 'Fastlife' so far, it's clear that the double J is drifting further away from the squeaky clean image that made him a teen idol as he gets a little lyrical dirt under his fingernails.

Also of note pertaining to 'Love Slayer': Jonas is sponsoring a remix contest via Cambio where the best remixer will be awarded $2500. In addition to the cash, the winner will be featured on Cambio and considered for inclusion on an official Jonas release via his label Hollywood Records. The second and third place winners will receive prize money and featured placement on the Cambio site.

Ten honorable mentions will receive a copy of Jonas's upcoming album 'Fastlife,' which comes out Oct. 11.