Joe Jonas is known for squiring gorgeous women on his arm. The latest to earn his affection is new girlfriend Jessica Pott, a Brazilian model. Joe and a model? Come on. That's nothing new! He only dates the hottest of the hot. Dudes are totally jealous of Joe's prowess with the ladies.

What's most compelling about this photo is that it marks one of the few times that the couple has been spotted together. They are walking together in New York City, traipsing around Soho. They look like any other couple in the city, except they are rich, famous sand incredibly (almost unfairly) good looking. They are not clinging to one another or even holding hands, which means they may have been aware that the cameras were following them. You might not think they were a couple unless we told you so.

Jonas was casual in a blush sweater and grey fedora, while Pott showed off her trim body in a leather jacket and jeans.

The road to Joe Jonas' heart is littered with babes like Taylor Swift. He certainly knows how to woo 'em. But he looks so relaxed and cool in these shots that maybe it's his charming personality (and his good looks) that win 'em over.