Joe Jonas has a past is littered with super hot, famous exes with first names like Taylor and Demi. Yeah, that Taylor and that Demi. Despite this, he's been largely single since splitting with 'Twilight' star Ashley Greene earlier this year. Now, rumors abound that the super cute singer, who released his debut solo album 'Fastlife' in October, may be seeing Brazilian model Jessica Pott.

Of course she's a model and a Brazilian one at that! All Jonas' exes look like models and the Brazilian models are always the hottest. Ever hear of Gisele? She's from Brazil. Jonas was even rumored to be dating model Karlie Kloss over the summer, despite the two of 'em copping to being "just friends."

That "just friends" excused has popped up in the case of Jonas and Pott, as well. Jonas has been spotted squiring Pott around New York City clubs as recently as this weekend. AOL Music reports that Pott has even posted photos of herself and Jonas on her Facebook page. If that doesn't spell romance, what does?

However, Pott's publicist claimed that they are not an item "but they do know each other." Mmm hmm. But how well they know each other is the million dollar question.