Pop culture hawks are dying to know which of Joe Jonas's incredibly hot ex-girlfriends -- Taylor Swift, Ashley Greene, Camilla Belle, Demi Lovato -- inspired his scorching new single 'See No More.' Jonas co-wrote the tune with Chris Brown, and he admitted to E! before the premiere of the song's video that "I wrote the song and during the time and place where I was in my life and I tried to draw from that experience." He did not and would not, however, fess up to which ex inspired him to go there.

We're going to throw a guess out there and say it's 'Twilight' actress Greene. She's his most recent high-profile ex and their split occurred around the time he was recording. Or maybe it is his answer to Swift, who is known for being confessional in her song lyrics, especially when it comes to her exes and broken relationships. Hmmm.

Jonas called his solo effort 'Fastlife,' due out Sept. 6, "dance music with electronic vibe" and espoused the virtues of working with Brown, who has also endured a public break up, saying, "Luckily for me and him, it was about the music. He is so talented. I am blown away."Jonas also said that he has designs on an acting career, but for right now, it's all about Joe Jonas, solo artist.

Watch Joe Jonas Chat About His Solo Careeer With E!