As Joe Jonas' solo single 'See No More' continues to catch steam and generate heat on the radio airwaves, the singer is getting ready to supplement the buzz by debuting the video for the song this Wednesday, June 29 at both 7PM and 11:30PM on E! News.

Jonas also released a fiery teaser from the video. It's all of 20 seconds, but a lot happens in that tight space and it will leave you yearning for resolution. You will want to see more, to twist Jonas' own lyrics.

There's an image of the ominous sky overhead; the silhouette of the trim and in-shape Jonas; a shot of Jonas, with a sullen look on his handsome face; a room catching fire; and a quick shot of a hot girl's face, presumably the one that Jonas' doesn't want to see no more. It was enough to make us break a sweat. There were also several close ups of Jonas' intense, focused eyes -- emphasizing the song's lyrics.

See what we mean by a lot things happening in a short span of time? The teaser has raised our excitement level about the full video to a fevered pitch. PopCrush predicts that we'll watch the relationship between Jonas and the 'See No More' subject matter crumble, crash and burn before our very eyes on Wednesday night. We can’t wait.

Watch the Joe Jonas 'See No More' Video Teaser