Joe Jonas' video for 'See No More' debuted on E! tonight and the singer said that he wanted to create the notion that the house in which he is singing is a metaphor for all the things that are going on inside his head, according to the song.

So, about that house and the things occurring in JJ's head? They're dark and born of a relationship that soured.

Jonas shows off his acting chops, walking through an empty house, surrounded by memories of his former, ahem, flame. We see physical reminders of her, like her pretty pink dress hanging on a wall and shards of broken plates, perhaps from a fight, when they were thrown at his head? We don't know for sure, but we can only assume.

While Jonas sings and broods over love lost, the ex is seen dancing by herself in a frilly lavender frock. She is just out of his reach, but she is still there.

However, the contents of the entire house -- that dress, a lone high heel, a framed work of art -- catch on fire around Jonas. It's like pyrokinesis: The ability to set things on fire via your mind. Perhaps all the thoughts, pain and anger burning up in his mind needed a physical manifestation in order to totally expunge her from his memory and his life, and for catharsis to be achieved.

Destruction occurs all around him as the house smolders and blazes, but he never misses a beat.

The video ends with a fade out and some third degree burns of the emotional sort. This is a totally new look for Jonas and he wears it well.

Watch the Joe Jonas 'See No More' Video