Usually we don't think of beauty editors as pot smokers, since they are more concerned with indulging in things that improve one's appearance. That's not to say the weed ruins your appearance, but come on. Nevertheless, a beauty editor at XO Jane revealed, when celebrating an impressive list of stoner-friendly, hemp-based beauty products, that her pal smoked weed with none other than yep, Joe Jonas.

Beauty Editor Cat Marnell claims her friend Shaun likes to get high in public, in night clubs, with celebrities. It's not like you can hide the potent smell; so why try and conceal it, right? She and Shaun were hanging at Soho's Gold Bar in NYC when Shaun witnessed the Double J and unintentionally got high with him on Sunday night. We can presume this was last Sunday, given the timing of Marnell's post.

Here's the gist: JJ was wearing a black suit. He is thinner in person than you might think. He didn't smell like he took a cologne bath. He was standing at the DJ booth, smelled the sweet scent of weed wafting over and asked the DJ if he could get a hit. He then asked Shaun for a hit as it wasn't the DJ's stash. Jonas was with four or five of his bros, he passed a joint, was nice and even said "Thank You."

Additionally, Joe returned to the DJ booth later that evening and produced his own much-larger joint and smoked it. He looked stoned. He danced (to Justin Timebrlake's 'Like I Love You.') He had fun. Can you blame him? He's young and in the spotlight. Sometimes you just need to chill, even in public.