Despite the crackle on his phone, newly single (as in his romantic and professional status) Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers was upbeat when chatting with Elvis Duran of Z100 in New York City early Monday morning, June 13.

The DJ started out the segment, commenting that he recently spent some time Joe's older bro Kevin, and that Kevin is psyched about Joe's solo career beyond the Jonas Brothers. Joe responded by saying that there is, in fact, no sibling rivalry or wishing the others brothers don't succeed.

But that doesn't mean there aren't some knock down drag-outs emblematic of most brotherly relationships, where they find other ways to blow off steam. "We get int to it and we're all archers, so we can do a little target practice," Jonas said.

A little fighting among brothers is a normal -- even healthy -- activity, and Jonas also acknowledged there have been some good brawls in dressing rooms and hotels, which happens among celebrity siblings once in a while. When one of the show hosts said her brother used to pin her down and fart in her face when they were kids, Joe joked that is also a Jonas Family tradition.

Joe also confirmed that the JoBros are not over, but rather just on a break. A solo career seemed like the right step for him creatively and that "now" feels like the best time to embark on it. Joe's first solo show took place this weekend in Chicago, and while it was odd to be up there alone, he said it felt right and he loves being on stage.

Of course, seeing cutouts of just him is something he may have to get use to. When a fan in Chicago came running full force towards the car Joe was in with a cardboard cutout, Joe said he was essentially staring at himself for a second. Oh, the perils of fame.

The ladies still love Joe Jonas, whether he is solo or with Kevin and Nick!

Jonas' debut single, 'See No More,' is available via iTunes today.

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