Joe Jonas is showing off his sexy (and solo) side in his new Paper cover story, as he sheds his "boy band" Jo Bro image with his new solo career. With a more adult, R&B single in the form of 'See No More,' Jonas, 21, is also showing off other, more mature parts of his personality.

He was inspired to "go there" after meeting U2 legend Bono, who gave Jonas a little advice. He also reveals how he and his brothers (they are still close, despite the solo effort) met Fleetwood Mac legend Mick Fleetwood and lunched with him while on vacation in Hawaii. Charmed lives are what the Jo Bros lead, whether together or apart!

Joe will release 'Fastlife' this September, which is darker and more club-oriented that the squeaky-clean, fresh-scrubbed pop he made with his siblings as the  Jonas Brothers. He worked with producer Nate "Danja" Hills, whose resume is littered with names like Britney Spears. The result may scare off Jo Bro devotees, but it will also earn the middle brother a whole new legion of fans over the age of 15.

Jonas said that the album's tone didn't start out quite so off-the-expected path. In fact, he started out aiming for a  Michael Bublé style, which eventually stopped working for him as a songwriter so he abandoned it in favor of his affinity for electro beats. "I don't mean to namedrop," he said. "But about a year-and-a-half ago, I met Bono, and he told me to write music that was really honest, to not be afraid to go there." When Bono tells you what to do with music, you should do it, so Jonas did!

'See No More' has drawn more than its share of comparisons to Justin Timberlake and his solo offerings -- even PopCrush has said this -- and Jonas, who now lives solo in a Hollywood high-rise, acknowledges the similarities, saying, "He's absolutely an inspiration. I look up to Justin so much. He pretty much created his own lane."

Jo Bro loyalists shouldn't fear that the band is fractured, personally or professionally as the siblings pursue new endeavors. "My brothers and I, we're like each other's best friends," Joe said. "And I think it's that foundation that makes me feel like I can really do this on my own for a second."

There was no mention of his recent ex, 'Twilight' star Ashley Greene, though.

Watch the Joe Jonas 'See No More' Lyric Video