Joe Jonas isn't just embarking on a solo career this year. The middle Jonas Brother has revealed to E! Online that he will not only star in an upcoming film, but he will also serve as a producer on the flick! Jonas had been eyeing the project for quite some time, but was waiting for a round of funding to come through.

"I was in Mexico City last week and my manager called me and said, 'The movie's financed!'" Jonas revealed. "I was, like, in tears."

Those are happy tears, of course! Double J didn't give up any key details about the film's plot or its narrative, instead simply stating that he will portray a "young man who is finding himself." While that's a very open-ended description, Jonas did elaborate a touch more, saying, "He has a specific dream that he wants to accomplish, and it's the good and the bad he has to go through to get there. It's going to be an older-feeling kind of movie." From the sound of it, Joe Jonas is growing up when it comes to his career choices.

Jonas did say that his fave flick is the period piece 'The Four Feathers' since it "has everything. It has funny, romantic, passionate ... I want to do something like that."

We have no qualms about Joe Jonas' ability to pull it off. He'll probably cast a super hot leading lady in the film and start dating her after the shooting wraps. It's not only a 'Fast Life' that Joe Jonas leads. It's a charmed one! Nevertheless, we're looking forward to seeing the 'See No More' singer's big screen debut.