Either Joe Jonas really loves screaming teenage girls and easy-to-sing-along-to songs, or he's trying to rekindle something with his ex-girlfriend, Taylor Swift. Given, all of those things are probably true, but Joe was spotted at not one, but two Speak Now concerts this week, which has us just a little suspicious of what might be going on after the curtain closes.

Joe was seen at two of Taylor's four L.A. shows, one on Thursday and one Sunday, following his appearance at the VMAs. Going to see your ex-girlfriend perform once feels like an olive branch extension, but twice says much more. Could Jonas have a relationship reunion on the brain?

The middle Jonas revealed a few weeks ago that he and Swift are friendly to one another, even going so far as to suggest that a collaborative song effort might be in the works. While that's all well and good, we can't help but wonder how he redeemed himself from the famous 27 second phone call break-up. A 54 second apology, perhaps?

If Joe still has feelings for the 'Love Story' songstress (how could he not?), we hope he's not the jealous type. Taylor has a whole black book of famous exes, like her "really good friend" Taylor Lautner, and just last week, she was seen dishing on movie star ex Jake Gyllenhaal with his other famous flame, Reese Witherspoon. Good luck to you, Joe!

Joe Jonas at Taylor Swift's Concerts