While the first two teaser clips from Joe Jonas' forthcoming 'Just in Love' video gave us a sense of where the cinematic, foreign film-influenced clip was going, the third (and possibly final, since the video debuts on Monday) teaser only serves to heighten the mystery. It's short -- all of 20 seconds -- and features Jonas chasing after the French model/girl he is dating. They are running down a busy street in Paris, the City of Lights, at night. Cars are beeping and wizzing by. Could this possibly be any more Euro?

But we wonder. Is Joe chasing her? Are they running because they are excited and adrenalized? Did they fight? Break up? We don't know. See what you've done to us, Joe Jonas? You've turned us into armchair, er, keyboard directors.

The first teaser featured Jonas and the hot chick in bed, with him lamenting that he had to leave soon. The second teaser found them playing a word association game while driving a sweet ride in Paris, with the Eiffel Tower looming larger over them.

This clip is not so free with its context clues. We merely see their backs, but the energy is palpable.

Piecing these teasers together, the video has a cinematic, foreign, indie vibe. It's not lost on us that the name of the song is 'Just in Love,' because it reminds us of 'Just in' Timberlake, as Jonas is certainly studying at the JT School of Pop Music.

Watch Third 'Just in Love' Video Teaser