Despite solo careers, the Jonas Brothers have found their way back to one another. At least Joe (the middle Jo Bro) and Nick (the baby Jo Bro) have! Kevin, the eldest Bro of the Jo sort, uploaded a video of his two brothers fooling around in the studio. This gives us hope that the siblings will be emerging from a hiatus sooner than expected!

Even with a Broadway gig in 'How to Succeed In Business Without Really Trying' for Nick and Joe's solo sojourn (his slept-on debut 'Fastlife' sank like a stone, which is a shame, since there were some quality tunes there), the Bros always insisted they were still a unit. This clip proves it!

Nick is seated behind a keyboard with a baseball cap covering his curls and he churns out disco beats. He's keying it up while Joe, dater of hot women with names like Taylor, Ashley and Demi, sings a silly falsetto and taps away at his Mac Book Pro. It's an impromptu jam sesh.

Kevin tweeted the vid, with the #JoBros2012 hashtag. That bodes well for all the ladies eagerly awaiting more from these sibs on the quick.

Watch Nick + Joe Jonas Fool Around in the Studio