On tonight's (June 28) episode of 'Duets,' the superstars and their amateur partners were asked to sing songs of the new millennium and of the past decade. So what did John Legend and tax worker Bridget Carrington du(et)? They chose Beyonce's beautiful ballad 'Halo.'

There were a few runs that Carrington handled beautifully and there were some moments of pitch articulation -- not gonna lie, we stole the latter phrase from the lovely and talented Jennifer Nettles, and it means that the voice goes up and down -- but for the most part, the duo tackled a hard-to-sing song with grace and poise. Not everyone can hit the notes that our girl Bey hits.

Carrington has such a great voice, and she and Legend performed the song like they were born to sing together. She would sound amazing featuring on a track on Legend's next album, wouldn't she? This woman does not need to be working for the taxman, America.

Perhaps the Queen B would like what they did with and to her song.

Now it's up to America to vote on whether or not we'll hear from Carrington again...at least on this show.

Watch John Legend + Bridget Carrington Perform 'Halo' on 'Duets'