We haven't heard new music from John Legend in quite a long time. Granted, he and Mariah Carey are lifting our yuletide spirits with their Christmas ditty 'When Christmas Comes,' but he hasn't released any new solo material. The Internet is abuzz with his leaked song 'Chasing Your Love' and it's sounds pretty damn good.

On the song, Legend croons about being afraid to fall in love after being hurt in a previous relationship. "I once had the fire but I've been burned," he sings. "Now I’m so afraid to lose control / So when my heart says yes, I still say no."

The soaring ballad has the makings of being a radio hit. The head-nodding mellow beat matches perfectly with Legend's vocals and yearning lyrics about love. There's no word if the song will appear on his new album, which is still a work-in-progress, but we'll keep you updated.

In the meantime, we are going to enjoy this soulful tune from Legend. We hope he hurries up with that album! He's been gone way too long from our collective eyes and ears.

Listen to John Legend, 'Chasing Your Love'