For their movie week performance, John Legend and his partner Bridget Carrington performed Tina Turner’s classic hit 'What’s Love Got to Do With It' from the movie of the same name. Turns out they made the judges love them, and prove that it has everything to do with it.

Last week, Carrington ended up in second place, which was her highest rank yet in the competition. But, with only one contestant left after the loss of Meleana Brown last week, Legend said he could focus all his attention on Carrington so she could work toward that number one spot. And they really worked for it.

They had the Tina Turner style down in their performance, right down to Carrington’s dress. They also had her performance quality down. It felt like a real performance and not a competition show.

Carrington told host Quddus that she felt like she “did it some justice” when he asked if she felt she had pulled it off. According to the judges, she did more than pull it off. Kelly Clarkson told her the Tina Turner dress was perfect. She also told her that while it wasn’t because of her performance, she didn’t particularly care for the song because it doesn’t go anywhere. Jennifer Nettles gave Carrington a big, “Yes Ma’am!” She then paid her “the highest compliment I can give someone on this show” and said that for a while she forgot she was supposed to be judging because she was so entertained.

Robin Thicke finished the comments by saying he felt like there is a volcano inside Carrington waiting to explode. He said, “You were sensual. You were electric.” He also said it was her best performance yet and that she seemed like a superstar tonight.

When the scores were tallied, Carrington jumped to that number two spot she held last week. By the end of the show, she had moved down one spot to third. It looks like John Legend and Bridget Carrington have another week to drive for that number one spot.

Watch John Legend and Bridget Carrington Perform 'What's Love Got to Do With It'