On tonight's (June 7) episode of 'Duets,' John Legend hooked up with Meleana Brown, the last-minute replacement who stepped into the competition with little advance notice, only to deliver her debut performance last week and shoot to No. 1 on the judge's charts, for a rousing rendition of Alicia Keys' 'If I Got You.'

He wore a gentlemanly black tux while she rocked a white pantsuit, so right off the bat, their staging suggested yin and yang. But what about their voices?

It was subdued and subtle, and felt like dinner party music, to be honest. It was not as "Wow"-inducing as her debut, either.

Even so, Brown still managed to infuse the song with soul. Her high vocals are a bit nasal, but her soft pops are just gorgeous, as the judges pointed out. When she opens up, she appears incredibly comfortable on the stage.

The singers were asked to pick songs that meant something to them, and it was clear that 'If I Ain't Got You' carries weight for Brown. She's emerging as a dark horse, with one less week of competition under her belt. That's an impressive stat in and of itself. While she placed third after performing at that point in the show, she still feels like a frontrunner.

Watch Meleana Brown + John Legend Perform 'If I Ain't Got You' on 'Duets'