John Legend has one-upped his contemporaries with his latest duet, which features actual celestial stars.

Legend combined his love of outer space with music by integrating the recording of star vibrations into his new holiday single, "Under The Stars," PEOPLE reports.

Said the singer, “I didn’t really realize we could do this, but scientists have been recording the vibrations of stars. We were able to incorporate the recording into the song.”

The track, which Legend wrote and recorded in conjunction with the Stella Artois' "Give Beautifully" holiday campaign, is meant to pay homage to the brand's name as Stella translates to "star" in Latin.

Legend spoke about the meaning behind the track, saying, "I wanted to write a song that was all about uniting people all around the world together under the stars. The whole idea, of course, is to 'give beautifully' and this was our gift to America.”

When asked whether incorporating the star vibrations into the song proved to be a more difficult challenge than your more orthodox duet, he said, "I'm in the business of trying to find things that are great sonically, anyway. So it wasn't that difficult to translate that into listening to star sounds.”

Legend continued, "We do the same thing when it comes to drum or keyboard sounds. Either way, you try to create a beautiful record and incorporate those sounds. I'd definitely consider using stars again in the future."

Listen to "Under the Stars" above.