Not being able to sing isn't stopping John Mayer from releasing new music. While he deals with throat issues that prompted the cancellation of his summer touring plans, Mayer has revealed an instrumental cover of Lana Del Rey's 'Video Games.'

Mayer's cover is a solo endeavor, recorded with an electric guitar, which echoes in the quiet spaces between notes. 'Video Games' was a pop ballad with a somber side, and Mayer's recording brings out the sad tones even more. 'Video Games' was the first single from Del Rey's 'Born to Die' album, which reached No. 2 on the charts in February.

Mayer announced an "indefinite break" from performing in March, when doctors discovered that the granuloma on his vocal cords had grown back. Though his medical condition is unfortunate, if the 'Video Games' cover is any indication, perhaps it will force him to creatively channel his love for music in other ways.

Mayer has a way with instrumental cover songs. In 2009, he delivered a moving version of Michael Jackson's 'Human Nature' at the King of Pop's memorial service.

Listen to John Mayer's Instrumental Cover of 'Video Games'