We love when pop stars come together for major duets, but we get even more excited when the singers happen to be musical power couples in real life! When John Mayer released his video for 'Who You Love,' featuring his GF Katy Perry, we immediately went "Awww!" Of course, we're still obsessing over Ariana Grande's collaboration with boyfriend Nathan Sykes, 'Almost Is Never Enough.' So which couple has the cuter video?

After enduring a rough divorce from Russell Brand, it seems like Katy Perry has found the perfect partner in John Mayer. The 'Who You Love' video doesn't rely on heavy PDA, but the way John looks at KP is positively sizzling! Of course, the video's message is ridiculously sweet as well. Consider our hearts melted.

Ariana Grande and the Wanted's Nathan Sykes manage make heartbreak especially devastating in 'Almost Is Never Enough.' Even though the song mourns a relationship that was "this close" to being right, Ariana and Nathan smolder enough to make us believe in true love.

Which couple has the cuter video? Vote for the sweetest pairing in the poll below!

Watch the John Mayer 'Who You Love' Video Feat. Katy Perry

Watch the Ariana Grande 'Almost Is Never Enough' Video Feat. Nathan Sykes