John Mayer battles, experiences and enjoys the elements in the 'Queen of California' video. Mayer is bundled up in a coat, walking through the rain, prancing through a leafy green forest and navigating his way backstage at some sort of live production or play while he sings the words to his latest single.

Mayer breaks the fourth wall, both acknowledging and addressing the camera with his eyes and by singing to it throughout much of 'Queen of California.' Mayer is aware that you are there, watching him, so he does his best to connect directly through both verbal and non-verbal cues.

The ex-boyfriend of Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Simpson and Taylor Swift ends up performing with his band before heading out again, walking into the snow and into a confetti-fueled holiday parade of some sort.

The video is pastoral, natural and slice-of-life, sort of like Mayer's music in that it comes from an organic place. Mayer experiences all the seasons in the space of four minutes, never passing up the chance to play his guitar while doing so.

The video ends with the camera pulling up to offer an aerial, panoramic view of the set, with directors and PAs interacting with the extras and Mayer himself. It's a cool and unexpected ending.