As if John Mayer didn't have enough on his plate right now -- vocal issues, a cancelled tour, a 'Hot n' Cold' romance with drunk texter Katy Perry -- now he's being sued over a Ponzi scheme. Say what?

Here's the scoop, courtesy of TMZ. From the sounds of it, Mayer didn't actually do anything wrong here, he just happened to be paid by people who did. A guy named Darren Berg ripped investors off to upwards of $100 million dollars, and now trustees are suing everyone imaginably involved with Berg in an effort to get some of that cash back. Some of Berg's "dirty money" was paid to a booking agency that later paid Mayer, and that's why his name is thrown into this mess.

The booking agency, Grabow & Associates, and by extension, the 'Queen of California' singer, received roughly $465,000 from Berg's Ponzi scheme. Mayer's lawyer simply responded, "John Mayer performed at a corporate event in 2008 and was paid for his services. The opportunity was brought to John through his talent agency, CAA.”

It stinks that John Mayer's getting stuck embroiled in something he likely had nothing to do with and no idea about. Here's hoping this gets resolved quickly and that justice gets served ... and that maybe he'll get a song out of it.

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