In what will be the collaboration of all collaborations, actor Johnny Depp and 'American Idol' judge (and overall rock 'n' roll God) Steven Tyler are working on a song together.

According to Billboard, Tyler had made mention of the partnership in the past, but Depp confirmed the details with 'Extra' at the premiere of the latest installment of his massively popular 'Pirates of the Caribbean' franchise, 'Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides,' last weekend. Apparently, Depp has a thing for the strange, especially with his musical dealings, in a good way.

"We've been hanging out here and there," Depp admitted. "He's someone I've admired greatly for such a long time. The idea of writing songs with him is a dream come true."

Tyler has also said that he would love Depp to play him in the movie of his life. Depp's response to such a proposition? "I'll give it a shot. Why not?" We love that Depp has the cajones to tackle a role like that of Steven Tyler.

Judging on 'American Idol.' Best-selling author. Simultaneous covers of PEOPLE and Rolling Stone. Partnering with A-lister Johnny Depp. The Steven Tyler Renaissance continues.

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