The second night of the season premiere of 'X Factor' rightfully started off with a high note. With less of an introduction to the show than the night prior, 'X Factor' got right down to it when it came to the auditions.

Viewers were quick to be introduced to 16-year-old Johnny Maxwell. He pulled up in a truck with his mom and was dressed how any cute young man with a sense of style would: t-shirt, vest, and pants. There was a bit of ruggedness to him, which was much appreciated considering all of the Justin Bieber look-a-likes that seem to flock to auditions of this sort.

Coming from backstage, Maxwell immediately made the stage his home, offering a loud "What's up 'X Factor?!'" before finally finding his place in the center. It wasn't the smoothest start for him, though, as his vocals on his original song started to get a bit shaky during the singing portion of his audition. Then the singing turned into rapping and it was clear that that's where Maxwell was most comfortable.

"Do it big in front of all these people, all these people," rapped Maxwell, swinging his hand from side to side to get the audience participation he so desperately strived for. The audience generously reciprocated, as did L.A. Reid, who waved from the judges seat.

Demi Lovato found him cute and passed him through to the next round, as did Britney Spears, who practically gushed over young Maxwell. Simon Cowell was adamant in mentioning that the singing wasn't his favorite part, but when the rapping began, he knew he was a perfect fit for the competition.

Not a bad way to start off part two of auditions!