Last night (February 4) was judgment day for JoJo, as she took her tringle's latest offering, "Save My Soul," to TV for the first time.

After releasing a video for the song — which speaks to the perils of addiction — in January, the singer performed the stirring number on Late Night With Seth Meyers. She proceeded to lay down vocals that were so emotional, even her guitarist couldn't help but applaud.

In the clip above, JoJo croons through the song's melancholy verses before exploding into its chorus. "You're the pain and the medicine, one taste and I'm numb again," she laments, eyes pressed shut.

In January, and in tandem with the release of an acoustic version of the track, JoJo said "Save My Soul" is meant to reach anyone who's had to face down demons, and understands the hell of losing control. She, herself, had to watch her father battle through addiction before his death in November 2015.

"I grew up seeing addiction very close to me — both my parents have struggled with it. So as a kid, you don’t kinda know when the bottom is going to fall through or what’s gonna happen next,” she says. “That’s what it’s all about. To me, it’s like the addict singing to whatever it is they feel powerless to."

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