JoJo recently spoke to Billboard about her long-awaited untitled third studio album and promises it will be ready in 2016. The 24-year-old singer has not released an album since 2006's The High Road.

"I'm, like, 70 songs deep and I'm probably going to keep recording because I love being in the studio," JoJo told the site. "I know it's an uncertain time in music, but I still believe in albums. I love listening to body of work from an artist and really diving into their world that they wanted to invite us into."

The former teen star released an EP, III, in August which contained three singles: "When Love Hurts," "Save My Soul," and "Say Love." Notably, the three new songs had a more electronic house sound compared to the pop she was once known for.

JoJo confessed that for her third album, she and her producers experimented with different sounds.  "It's about having a cohesive album at the end of the day. I don't want it to be too all over the place, but I want it to be true to myself in that I do listen to a lot of different music -- like, I love dance music, and House music has really influenced me in the past few years. It's given me energy, so I want to make sure that I'm showing that side of myself. It's just about finding the right blend I love."

The singer is currently traveling North America as part of her I Am JoJo Tour.