She still isn't finished with her long-delayed third album, but JoJo's been keeping busy -- and 'We Get By,' the first single from her upcoming mixtape 'Agape,' is the latest proof.

Sort of a world-weary, sarcastic ode to the club life, 'We Get By' finds JoJo a little sore from the dance floor, kicking off the first verse while sprawled out on hardwood and quipping, "All I got are these hopes and dreams and this Cranberry Stoli." She gets by, though -- and she gets high -- because, as she puts it, "tomorrow's goodbye."

Not exactly the cheeriest sentiments you're going to hear expressed on the pop charts this year, but this track has that new direction JoJo's been pursuing while searching for the right set of songs to fill out her still-untitled, third full-length LP. Now scheduled for a TBA release some time next year, it's been bouncing around the schedule since at least 2007, when she originally set about trying to follow up 2006's 'The High Road.'

In the meantime, of course, a pop star always has her mixtapes to fall back on, and that's exactly what she's doing with 'Agape,' a new -- and free! -- collection of songs due on Dec. 20. As JoJo told her Twitter followers, it's "meant to be experienced when you have 27-28 minutes to go on a little journey with me and listen to some stories." You only need four of those minutes to go on the first little journey: 'We Get By,' embedded below.

Listen to JoJo, 'We Get By'