Somewhere, a traveling puppet show is missing some key players.

JoJo, pop music's official Comeback Queen, released a video for "When Love Hurts" today (September 28). One of her tringle's three tracks, the song speaks to a relationship's confusing tests ("It's like we speak a different language / These double-sided conversations set me up," one line says), but the video centers on a more gleeful warehouse dance party in which the most dexterous guests are VIPs.

The clip begins with the artist quietly reflecting on how a significant other's got her tripped up, but it's only a matter of time before she gets some company. Background dancers move in to help JoJo out by performing some masterful hand-ography in front of her face, and between expert finger isolation, Vulcan-like signage and pointing aplenty, we can only imagine the hand craps that must have developed between takes.

(Also: So many JoJo lewks! Who knew a massive silver dog collar could be so becoming...)

JoJo recently noted in an interview with NYLON that she's not a longtime fan of dance music, but she's recently come to love it, and that it's influencing her shifting sound.

"I love Gorgon City, MNEK and Disclosure and when elements of house and dance music are infused into pop," she said. "I’m living for it. It makes me feel fabulous, triumphant, and strong. Like a woman."

Check out the video, and tell us what you think of JoJo's latest!

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