The Jonas Brothers have been making the rounds to promote their upcoming tour and album, and their recent stop on a Mexican E! affiliate was both revealing and somewhat awkward for the newly reunited Kevin, Nick and Joe. They were on a show called 'Coffee Break' and it seemed like they hadn't had their coffee yet!

At one point, the interviewer, who is fluent in both English and Spanish, encourages the boys to learn a particular Spanish phrase: "Yo quiero una novia Latina" and to say it on air, but Nick refused. "I need to know what it means," he said, somewhat irritated. The hostess joked that it means he's a "very talented musician," but the boys weren't buying.

A bit later, the interviewer asks if they've had weird fan experiences in Mexico yet and Nick responded with a bit of an attitude as well.

The guys chatted for a bit about how it felt to be back onstage together, as opposed to pursuing their solo efforts, and Kevin said their Madison Square Garden show was the best yet. "We had a moment where we all looked at each other onstage, and it was really overwhelming," he said. "It was a breath of fresh air and it was a relief that we could play together for our fans and that they were still there," he added. "It was an honor."

Tune in below for the rest of the interview, where they chat more about each other, their love lives and even about 'Wedding Bells.' Though they're all usually quite gracious, Nick seemed a bit grumpy throughout -- hopefully he and Joe aren't making this a pattern! (Kevin and Joe were super nice throughout, though. Class act!)

Hopefully they got cheerier once they got their caffeine fixes.

Note: The videos begin in Spanish, but the interviews are in English!

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