- Big news for JoBros fans! Joe, Kevin and Nick are reuniting for one New York City concert on Oct. 11. But get your tickets soon because Brother Joe says they'll be gone soon! [Twitter]

- 'Frivolous,' is the word Chris Brown's attorney used to describe the $16 million lawsuit Breezy and Drake are being slammed with after their NYC nightclub brawl. Ever think of the consequences of your actions, gentlemen? [TMZ]

- Alanis Morissette has released the track 'Spiral,' from her upcoming album, 'Havoc and Bright Lights.' As Morissette described the song to Spinner, "The most important theme here is the last line of the chorus, the whole idea of reaching out to someone." [Spinner]

- Not only did the braniacs at NASA land a rover on Mars, but they have a sense of humor about it too. They filmed their own 'Sexy And I Know It' parody titled 'We're NASA and We Know It.' It's entertaning, but some of the language gets a little scientific. "We at Mission Control. Gettin' full use out of every Sol." Come again? [TheFW]

- Speaking of the Mars Rover, Britney Spears and the Rover itself had a cute Twitter convo a few days ago. Brit wanted to know if Mars looked the same as when she filmed 'Oops I Did It Again,' on the red planet in 2000. [BuzzFeed]

- An exhibition celebrating the life of Whitney Houston has opened at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles. The exhibit boasts photos, rare footage and personal belongings of the late diva. [Daily Mail]

- Aww! Someone has put together a "petody" of Katy Perry's 'California Girls,' video. It features a dog named Katy Puppy and the song is titled "California Grrrs.' Silly, but cute! [The FW]

- Crazy hair. Crazy pants. Why stop there, Miley? Ms. Cyrus, soon to be Mrs. Hemsworth, showed off a pair of leggings on Twitter that belong in 1995. Paired with combat boots and a see through t-shirt, Miley looks like she's auditioning for a part in 'Empire Records.' [Twitter]

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