The Jonas Brothers have put down their pom poms... literally.

After their recent single 'Pom Poms,' a high school-ish, pep rally romp that was cray cray catchy, went absolutely nowhere, the trio has rebounded with the slower, moodier 'The First Time.' It's a much more mellow and grown up track than its predecessor.

In the song, the Bros. Jonas muse about trying to recapture that fresh, exciting thrill of a "first." Who hasn't been there, right?

The song also has a synthy, electro-pop vibe in the choruses. That helps lift the song a little, since the verses are heavier and more thoughtful.

If this song had a closest living relative, it would be the David Guetta and Usher jam 'WIthout You' in how it switches between melancholic and uplifting. It doesn't sound like that smash hit, but it borrows from its formula in the way it marries electro to pop without being fully electro-pop.

We like the grown up Jo Bros., and the anthemic coda of the song. But to honest, 'The First Time' is not nearly as memorable as other tracks in their catalog.

The Jo Bros seem to be at a creative impasse, trying to figure out who and what they are, since the first two tastes of new music have been decamped on polar opposite ends of the pop genre. They can't be restored to their former boy band glory, so they are trying to forge ahead and try newer and more different things. The results are a bit mixed. 'The First Time' is not flashy. It's just...okay.

Listen to the Jonas Brothers, 'The First Time'