Let's all cheer for the Jonas Brothers, whose latest single 'Pom Poms' is the newest Pop Clash champion! The boy band brothers managed to snag the win from Austin Mahone and his Mahomies, who tried their hardest to vote 'Say You're Just a Friend' to the next round, but to no avail. 

Now the Jonas Brothers will go on to face a different competitor in our fan-voted song battle. This week, 'Pom Poms' will duke it out against Emblem3's 2013 single 'Chloe (You're the One I Want)' for best song! Who will come out on top in this matchup?

The Jonas Brothers were actually inspired by Latina bombshell Sofia Vergara ('Modern Family') to write 'Pom Poms.' The peppy, sexified single is the first from the trio's forthcoming album, which will mark the fifth LP in their discography. The funky, horn-laden hook will have you screaming along with Nick (who also produced the track), Kevin and Joe: "More to love when your hands are free / Baby put your pom poms down for me / Come on shake it up, 123 / Baby put your pom poms down for me."

Meanwhile, the guys from Emblem3 are pining for 'Chloe,' who may have a smokin' hot sister, but her sibling's good looks cannot hold a candle to the title girl. The summery, feel-good, love track is like 311 meets One Direction, with elements of hip-hop, reggae and rock interweaved into the uptempo pop beat. On his second verse, Drew throws out some rhymes about Chloe, sing-rapping, "Fast lanes, limousines / Baby, there can be no guarantees / But if, you're with me, you know I can guarantee yeah / Cause I'm attracted to your passion / Be yourself, forget the fashion / Just keep that smile on, that you're flashing."

So, which song are you feeling more? Take a listen to 'Pom Poms' and 'Chloe' below, and vote for the Jo Bros or Emblem3 once per hour until the poll closes on Monday, June 3 at 3PM ET. Good luck!

Watch the Jonas Brothers 'Pom Poms' Video

Watch the Emblem3 'Chloe (You're the One I Want)' Video

Rules of Pop Clash: The artist and song with the most votes wins, and the winner goes on to face a different challenger the following week. If an artist wins four weeks in a row, they will be retired into the Pop Clash Hall of Fame in order to give others a chance to compete.

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