Joe Jonas and his associates are being accused of borrowing heavily from an indie film called 'For Lovers Only' for his super sexy, cinematic clip for 'Just in Love.' Ut oh.

According to The Wrap, the low-budget indie film went on to become an iTunes best-seller and a cult classic of sorts when released in July. Upon the release of Jonas' video, fans of the indie flick have demanded that the production company acknowledge the source of the inspiration, which they believe is 'For Lovers Only.' Fans are hammering HSI Productions' Facebook page over the matter.

Fans aren't the only ones who think the similarities are anything but a coincidence. "It's very disheartening that a fellow director would go to those lengths to copy 'For Lovers Only' and not credit us," writer and star Mark Polish told The Wrap.

HSI has yet to issue a reply to the accusations of borrowing heavily, or rather, plagiarizing the film. Fans have gone so far as to make side-by-side comparisons to scenes in the video and the film. It does beg the question: Why would the video production company rip off a film knowing that the final product would be seen far and wide, and likely by fans of possibly borrowed source material?

The side-by-side comparisons (below) do show bath tub scenes and passionate making out in the hallway. There are similarities, there is no denying that. However, it could very well be that both films are influenced by the French New Wave style of filmmaking. Or maybe that's not the case.

We'll wait and see how Jonas and HSI respond to this suggestion.