17-year-old Jonny Rogers impressed the judges with his energy and presence on tonight's 'X Factor,' but ultimately, Simon Cowell and the rest of the judges voted no, dismissing him as an oddly formed Justin Bieber knock-off.

The young Texan definitely has something unique about him, but it wasn't his hair, which -- despite his protests to the contrary -- were a pretty obvious homage to Bieber's former look. Rogers admitted he spent a lot of time on his hair, apparently much to the amusement of his classmates.

The kid also wrote and performed his own song, 'There Ain't No Substitution,' which was kind of a Michael Jackson 'Thriller'/Britney Spears knock-off, but, remember what we told you: The kid is 17!  Against his mother's wishes, he also pulled out an awkwardly endearing dance routine.

It was all more than a bit self-conscious but equally charming. In fact, based on the early response of the judges -- like when Paula Abdul stated, "I love surprises, and you surprised me" -- we thought Rogers was on his way to the coveted four yeses, which 'X Factor' is working hard to establish as their own 'Two Thumbs Up.'

Alas, instead all four judges voted no, but not before Cowell offered some kind words: "Keep that enthusiasm up, because it's all about self-belief. It was really good to meet you."