Jordan Knight and Donnie Wahlberg may be giving their all to NKOTBSB, but they're miserly when it comes to sharing the love of their ladies in their new 'Stingy' video.

The clip for Knight's new single features the New Kids on the Block frontman canoodling with a beautiful lady. When he's not getting his snuggle on, however, he and his New Kids homie are busy hanging out and dancing in a hallway, lamenting about love.

Since the video is for Knight's second 'Unfinished' single, he's the only one that gets any QT with his woman. Wahlberg, the consummate wingman, amuses himself by spitting rhymes against a wall of mirrored tiles. The concept of the video gives off an '80s vibe, which is further enforced by the reference to 'Careless Whisper' in Wahlberg's verse.

'Stingy' was released in late June and follows Knight's first single, 'Let's Go Higher.' Both songs are featured on the singer's third studio album, which dropped on May 31.

Knight and Wahlberg are currently on tour with NKOTBSB through Aug. 7. The super group recently shared the stage with Boyz II Men for a worth-every-penny rendition of 'End of the Road.'

Watch the Jordan Knight 'Stingy' Video Feat. Donnie Wahlberg